About me

Hi and welcome to Fasterland.

My name is Francesco Mondello, also know as Faster or Faster3ck when my nickname is unavailable for some unknown reasons!

I’m an Italian developer and computer science student. Since my first steps on the dark and terrible world of computers I always wanted to take control of the entire universe contained in it and overcome the human limits of the common Windows user (I’m joking, of course).

So I decided to start learning the esoteric art of computer programming and begin to create something cool.

At the moment I develop pieces of software for Linux and Windows using the Qt framework and C++. Sometimes I also develop some web applications using php, sql databases, html and css.

I’m also interested in Android programming and at the moment I’m trying to improve my knowledges about this field.

Currently, my best work is Converseen, maybe the most important thing for which I’m known.

When I launched it on September 2009 I never expected it will ever gain such popularity.

In Italy, I’m a bit known for managing a blog mostly about Linux called Faster in Desing of which I have spoken on the first post of this site. So, if you want to know more about it you can check this post.

As a software developer I also produced some nice tools for Linux and Windows that you can find on the menu bar on the top of this site under the voice Projects.

Am I a computer maniac? The answer is maybe. I love everything can born from a human mind, through genius and passion. I love the complexity of things and I try to appreciate everything can be stimulating.

So I love the complex music, reading, science and in particular I’m fascinated by astronomy and the mystery of the unknown.

But my favorite field of knowledge is, with no doubt, computer programming because it is the only thing, obviously together with math, that can be applied to all the knowledge: from astronomy to medicine, from music, art and the images analysis to psychology.

Programming is as a sort of magic art with whom all things can be ruled. So, I’m not exactly a computer maniac but I recognize the power of techonogy and I support research for the progress of the human mind and the control of it over the nature, obviusly, respecting it and using it not as a thing to exploit but as an infinite resource for improving our existence not only on this planet but also in the universe.

So yes, I’ve a fully positive view about human progress and technology.

I hope you will find this site interesting and overall useful.

If you want to get in touch with me, please use this form.