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Converseen Ported to Qt6 + Other News

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Converseen, the versatile image conversion software compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS, has recently undergone a substantial update to version This update brings forth a series of enhancements aimed at improving its functionality and adaptability across various platforms.

A significant highlight of this update is the evolution in compatibility. Converseen now offers the flexibility to be compiled using either Qt6 or Qt5. This strategic move caters to the evolving landscape of Linux-based operating systems, ensuring seamless integration with newer systems adopting the more optimized Qt6 libraries. Simultaneously, Converseen retains support for systems reliant on Qt5, catering to users on older or slower-updating platforms like the LTS versions of Ubuntu. This adaptability ensures a broader user base and continued functionality across diverse environments.

Porting to Qt6

In terms of user interface improvements, version has focused on enhancing the user experience, specifically regarding image resizing settings. The refinement involves a reimagined “Link with Aspect Ratio with Selected Image” option, now presented with a more intuitive button layout and supplemented by comprehensive instructions. These enhancements aim to streamline the process of resizing images, making it more accessible and user-friendly for both new and experienced users.

Slightly Improved Graphical Interface

Moreover, the update extends its reach to the Snap and AppImage packages, aligning them with contemporary standards. The Snap version has been upgraded to core20, benefiting from the latest advancements and ensuring compatibility with modern systems. Similarly, the AppImage version has been fine-tuned to capitalize on the features and libraries introduced in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, further enhancing its performance and adaptability.

A notable inclusion in both the Snap and AppImage packages is the support for the Jpeg-XL format. This addition broadens the scope of image formats compatible with Converseen. The integration of the Jpeg-XL format has been made possible by leveraging the ppa repositories offered by savoury1. These repositories not only incorporate the essential libjxl library but also encompass updated versions of various libraries, enabling seamless utilization with ImageMagick.

Enthusiasts and users seeking a reliable image conversion tool can access the updated Converseen for free from its official website. Whether you’re a seasoned tech aficionado or a casual user seeking efficient image conversion, Converseen’s latest version promises enhanced functionality and adaptability across a spectrum of operating systems and environments.

Embrace the new enhancements, streamline your image conversion tasks, and explore the versatility of Converseen!

As always, you can download Converseen for free from its Web site:

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