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Dawn of a new day…

Francesco Mondello 0

I was thinking it was a good idea to bring back my blog from oblivion. Unfortunately, during the past 12-15 months, I had been unable to write new contents because I was engaged on other projects. I have to say, blogging is not a vital activity for me. Anyway, sometimes, I love sharing informations or interesting posts on the internet and my preferred method to do this is using a blog rather than social network pages.

A couple of months ago I decided to bring back this website to life writing a new template since my older one was a bit messed.

In order to write my new template I used bones again. Bones enabled me to write easily a responsive template for WordPress.

I planned, for the next days, to make minor modifications to this site and add some new contents. So I hope I’ll be able to share some enjoyable posts with anyone goes through this website.


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