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Here is Qt Creator 3.4.0

Francesco Mondello 0

Qt Creator 3.4.0, one of my preferred development tools, has been released. This version is focused on increasing the support for C++ including some new refactoring features. Has been added a new refactoring action that moves all function definitions out of a class declaration and auto-completion for signals and slots in Qt 5 style connects.

The filter has been improved too, so is now possible to find all files that are used in a project by including them, even if they are not explicitly mentioned in the project.

For users of the Professional or Enterprise edition has been added experimental integration for Qt Test based auto tests and Qt Quick tests which adds another navigation pane Tests.

Other new features include

* Changing the environment for running external tools

* Searching through QML Profiler event notes

* Using 64bit Android tool chains

* Using generic projects for bare metal development

* Highlighting of parenthesis in generic highlighters

* The complete changelog can be found here.

> Download the opensource version.

> Download the Enterprise packages.

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