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Pdf, Ico files and multipage formats with Converseen

Francesco Mondello 0

Many times, people asked me more about the possibility to convert pdf files to images using Converseen. As you surely know, Converseen is able to read files in pdf format just because it’s a format that ImageMagick can manage.

It may be a coincidence but a lot of people seems to find very useful the possibility to convert an entire pdf to a bunch of images, but the program wasn’t designed to be a pdf converter.

As a user, one can take the assumption that a program can do something by default. But a feature like this have to be projected as an object in its own right and not as a simply function to convert an object of type A with N pages to N distinct objects of type B.

Anyway, at this time, I was thinking that would be great to satisfy the request of many users so I’m starting to work on some classes to manage multipage formats. In particular, I’m focusing on the capability to manage pdf and ico formats.

Unfortunately, the documentation about Magick++, the image manipulation library on which the program leans it’s basis, is a bit dark so I have to study a lot and experimenting on my own.

How this feature will should work? It’s pretty simple.

The user will find a new menu item (or a sort of that) to import a pdf or ico file and a new window, with all the pages of the multipage file, will be shown to the user.

For example, if the user choose to import a pdf file with 100 pages, the dialog will show him a list of 100 checkable items with some informations about them as pixel size etc.

When the user selects (or more likely checks) the elements he want to convert, them will be imported to the classic main window of the program and managed as single elements.

Very simple!

This will be released as Converseen 0.7 as soon as possilble. Stay tuned!

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