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Reversian 2.0: Unicode text processor for Android

Francesco Mondello 0

Some time ago, since I have good skills on object oriented programming and java, I started to study a bit of Android development in order to improve my own culture as developer.

That days, I enjoyed myself writing some little applications for my old Android 2.3 smartphone focusing on learning how to write little basic applications and publishing on my Google Play account.

Since one of them had some success even though it was a really simple applications I decided, some weeks ago, to continue with my Android studies and update it with some more advanced features so, here is it, Reversian 2.0.

What’s Reversian?

Reversian is a simple text processor tool useful for generating some unicode-based text transformations.

Reversian 2.0 on Android Reversian on Android Reversian 2.0 on Android

For example, it’s possible to write upside-down, tranform latin letters into strange-shaped letters and so on.

On this new version there are 14 different styles available. Moreover, is possible to share the text on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Line etc.

Reversian interface is written using the new Material Design in order to give to users the best possible user experience.

If you’re curious to see more, watch the video below or the gallery.



Reversian is available for 4.0+ Android devices.

You can download it for free on Google Play Store. If you like this app or have some suggestions let me know. I will be glad to get in touch with you.
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