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Vim 9.0 is Available on Arch Linux

Francesco Mondello 0

Vim 9.0, the terminal text editor has been updated with a major release and it’s already available on Arch Linux.

The previous release was version 8.2 in December 2019.

Vim in a few Words

Vim is a free and open-source, screen-based text editor program. The program is designed for use both from a command-line interface and as a standalone application in a graphical user interface. Vim is released under the Vim license, which includes some charityware clauses that encourage users who enjoy the software to consider donating to children in Uganda.

The Vim license is compatible with the GNU General Public License through a special clause allowing distribution of modified copies under the GNU GPL version 2.0 or later.

Since its release for the Amiga, cross-platform development has made it available on many other systems.

What’s New in Vim 9.0?

The main update is Vim9 script, that brings performance impovements. Moreover, there are dozen of little improvements and new features that can be found here.

How to Install/Update to Vim 9.0 on Arch Linux

In order to install Vim 9.0 on Arch Linux:

$ sudo pacman -Sy vim

If Vim it’s already installed on your system, you can update your installed packages with the command:

$ sudo pacman -Syu

Vim is also available as an AppImage package.


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