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Welcome to Fasterland

Francesco Mondello 0

Hi all.

Since my first steps on the internet I decided that would be  a good idea to open a website to share with the entire world some of my projects and ideas. So, in 2009, I decided to open Faster in design, a website aimed to an Italian speaking audience, that I still use to share some pieces of  software developed by me.

Lately I decided to give to it the form of a blog so I starded to share, together to my software updates, also some opinions about internet related technologies and tutorials mainly about Linux.

Faster in Design is still updated, it countinues to give to me a lot of fulfillment  but as time goes by, I started to think that it could limit me only to the Italian audience.

Moreover I realized that, as a developer, I would need a central point where users can obtain, in the easiest way possible, news about my software updates, about new releases and a place to get in touch with me.

For this last reason I created also a Facebook page and a Google+ page in which users can receive the last updates on their favorite social network.

I will also use this blog to publish tutorials and opinions about IT a la Faster in Design style but, this time, in English.

This will be also an opportunity to me to improve my english communication skills.

So, welcome to Fasterland.

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