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72 Applications ported to Kde Frameworks 5 (KDE Applications 15.04)

Francesco Mondello 0

Great news for Kde fanatics since this is a month full of great releases. In fact, after the stable release of KDE Frameworks 5.9 and the up-and-coming beta of  Plasma 5.3 there’s another important step for the Kde development: KDE Applications 15.04.

With this new release of KDE Applications 15.04 we have the full porting of  72 applications to KDE Frameworks 5 and consequently to Qt5.

Among the applications that have been ported to KDE Frameworks 5, we can mention Kdenlive, KDE Telepathy, Cantor, Rocs and some of the games from the KDE Games collection.

The team is striving to bring the best quality to your desktop and these applications. So we’re counting on you to send your feedback

This is the full list of applications:

With this further step, the porting of all applications is nearly completed so, when this migration will be completed, the team will be able to focus entirely to the development of Plasma 5.

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