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Arch Linux – Kde Plasma 5.3 stable is finally available for installation

Francesco Mondello 0

Great news for Arch Linux users! From a few minutes, Kde Plasma 5.3 stable packages are officially available on Arch Linux repositories.

In fact, after running the pacman -Syu command I finally noticed, listed on my terminal, the new packages of Plasma 5.3.0 with all the relative dependencies.

Plasma 5.3 ready to be downloaded via pacman
Plasma 5.3 ready to be downloaded via pacman

The download size, on my recently updated Arch Linux workstation is a bit less than 160 megabytes so the installation will take a few minutes.

If you want to try Kde Plasma 5.3 on a fresh Arch Linux workstation, you can follow the tutorial How to install Kde Plasma 5 on Arch Linux, written by me about 3 weeks ago.

To upgrade your Plasma 5.2 to 5.3 you have simply to run

pacman -Syu

command from your command line!

This week I will provide a deep review about this new major release of Plasma so stay updated!

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