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Converseen 0.8 has a new algorithm for generating better previews

Francesco Mondello 0
This new release of Converseen brings important improvements on picture previews. In fact, a long date problem due to Magick++ API and Qt4 has been finally solved. Since the first version of the program, Converseen hasn't been able to show correcly previews for some formats managed directly by Magick++ API (e.g psd, xcf) showing them with glitches, artifacts and wrong colors.

How to install Converseen on Ubuntu 14.04 (video)

Francesco Mondello 0
[youtube=] As you may know, Converseen is finally landed on the official Ubuntu repositories. From now on, external PPAs are not required anymore and you can easily install Converseen on Ubuntu 14.04 (and derivates) simply using the Ubuntu Software Center (or the relative package manager) or through the terminal giving these commands:

Pdf, Ico files and multipage formats with Converseen

Francesco Mondello 0
Many times, people asked me more about the possibility to convert pdf files to images using Converseen. As you surely know, Converseen is able to read files in pdf format just because it's a format that ImageMagick can manage. It may be a coincidence but a lot of people seems to find very useful the possibility to convert an entire pdf to a bunch of images, but the program wasn't designed to be a pdf converter.

Welcome to Fasterland

Francesco Mondello 0
Hi all. Since my first steps on the internet I decided that would be  a good idea to open a website to share with the entire world some of my projects and ideas. So, in 2009, I decided to open Faster in design, a website aimed to an Italian speaking audience, that I still use to share some pieces of  software developed by me.