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Reversian 2.0: Unicode text processor for Android

Francesco Mondello 0
Some time ago, since I have good skills on object oriented programming and java, I started to study a bit of Android development in order to improve my own culture as developer. That days, I enjoyed myself writing some little applications for my old Android 2.3 smartphone focusing on learning how to write little basic applications and publishing on my Google Play account.

Converseen 0.9.0 has been released

Francesco Mondello 0
Today I'm releasing Converseen 0.9.0, the multiplatform batch image processor tool. This new version brings new stability updates and code improvements. For Windows users there are some news.

Converseen 0.8 has a new algorithm for generating better previews

Francesco Mondello 0
This new release of Converseen brings important improvements on picture previews. In fact, a long date problem due to Magick++ API and Qt4 has been finally solved. Since the first version of the program, Converseen hasn't been able to show correcly previews for some formats managed directly by Magick++ API (e.g psd, xcf) showing them with glitches, artifacts and wrong colors.