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Converseen 0.9.5 porting to Qt5 is here

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During the last weeks I worked on the Qt5 porting of my open source project Converseen, a cross-platform batch conversion and image processor tool, thanks to the help of rezso, an user from GitHub who sent me some patches with a lot of useful changes that enabled the project to be compiled with Qt5.

In addition to this, I spent a couple of hours making the project compatible (and compilable) with Visual Studio 2015 in order to make it available for Windows platforms, too. In particular, the Windows version comes with ImageMagick 6.9.5 HDRI bundled in the same package.

Since there are some important changes regarding its dependencies, here are some new instructions on how to build the source code on Linux.

How to build Converseen from source code on Linux:

To compile Converseen you need Qt5, Magick++ development libraries, cmake and the gnu c++ compiler.
Download Converseen from here (or clone it from GitHub), extract the archive content, enter the source code’s directory and build the executable using the following commands:

tar -xvf converseen_0.x-tar.bz2
cd converseen_0.x
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. (to install on /usr/local/) or cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr .. (to install on /usr/)
make install

Installing Converseen on Linux from repositories

Converseen is currently available on various official repositories of many important Linux distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, OpenSuse, Mageia and so on. Please, check through your favorite package manager if Converseen is available. For more informations check this page.

How about installing Converseen on Windows:

Installing Converseen on Windows is as easy as pie. Download the setup package from this page. It will install the Converseen executable including the latest version of ImageMagick.

Notice: The Windows installation program doesn’t contain any 3rd party application or adware so, PayPal donations are very important!

I have to say this version of Converseen is only a porting of the program to the latest and currently supported Qt libraries so It doesn’t include any new feature.

New features will be included in Converseen 1.0 so, stay tuned for new updates.

To learn more about Converseen check the project page:

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