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Posts tagged as “Windows”

Converseen Batch Image Converter February Updates

Francesco Mondello 0
Converseen, the Batch Image Converter, is a powerful open-source software for Linux, macOS and Windows that allows users to convert, resize, and compress multiple images in a single batch process. It supports a wide range of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF, making it a versatile tool for various image processing tasks. Whether you need to convert a large number of images for a website or resize photos for social media, Converseen has got you covered.

Converseen Flatpak now with Heif/Heic, PDF, LibRAW Support

Francesco Mondello 0
Although Converseen has been available as a Flatpak package for a few months now, it finally now has a series of updates that bring it up to par with the corresponding AppImage and Snap packages in terms of features. The main difficulties in updating the Flatpak package with all the additional ImageMagick libraries necessary for the additional formats to work are mainly due to the fact that each individual library must be compiled individually via source code.

Converseen 0.9.6 now supports ImageMagick 7

Francesco Mondello 0
I'm glad to announce that Converseen 0.9.6 now supports ImageMagick 7, the newest branch of the open-souce image manipulation suite. Converseen is an open-source batch image processor for Linux and Windows, developed by me, that allows the user to apply automatically some operations on large groups of images. As instance, you can manage to resize, compress and change the format of a bunch of images before using them in your web pages.

Converseen 0.9.0 has been released

Francesco Mondello 0
Today I'm releasing Converseen 0.9.0, the multiplatform batch image processor tool. This new version brings new stability updates and code improvements. For Windows users there are some news.