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How to Mute Spotify Ads on Arch Linux

Francesco Mondello 0

In this tutorial we will see how to mute Spotify ads on Arch Linux with a very simple and lightweight script I found on GitHub called Spotify-AdKiller.

If you’re using Spotify Free on your Arch Linux system (or any kind of Linux distro), this useful script will be able to mute its annoying audio ads.

Spotify-AdKiller allows you to block Spotify ads in 3 different ways:

  • Simple
  • Interstitial
  • Continuous

We will see in details these 3 different features after the installation!

How to install  Spotify-AdKiller on Arch Linux

Spotify-AdKiller it’s packed for Ubuntu and OpenSuse as well, but we will see in details how to install and configure it on Arch Linux:

Since there’s a package in the AUR repos, we can install it using an AUR package manager or using these commands:

git clone
cd spotify-adkiller-git
makepkg -si

After installing it, we will see a menu entry called Spotify (AdKiller) with the famous Spotify green icon.

How to Configure Spotify-AdKiller

As said before,  Spotify-AdKiller has 3 different ways to work:

  • simple: mute Spotify, unmute when ad is over
  • interstitial: mute Spotify, play random local track, stop and unmute when ad is over
  • continuous: mute Spotify, play random local track, stop and unmute when track is over

The default ad blocking mode is continuous.

How to block Spotify Ads

In order to completely mute Spotify ads on Arch Linux, open the file $HOME/.config/Spotify-AdKiller/Spotify-AdKiller.cfg (if it doesn’t exist, run the Spotify-AdKiller script).

In the CUSTOM_MODE section add  simple.

From now on, Spotify ads will be muted. Anyway, if you are a frequent Spotify user, consider obviously to get your Premium subscription! 🙂

You can get more info about Spotify-AdKiller on GitHub.

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