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How to Resize Images in Linux KDE Plasma Dolphin with ReImage

Francesco Mondello 0

ReImage is a convenient and useful KDE service menu extension for Dolphin and Konqueror that allows you to manipulate images and their metadata directly from your preferred KDE Plasma file manager.

This is a package that extends the functionalities of Dolphin/Konqueror adding some interesting features for image manipulation.

ReImage Features

Here are some of its features:

Compress and resize

  • Advanced optimization for web
  • Compress in % (change quality)
  • Resize in % or square
  • Convert and rotate
  • Convert to all formats supported by ImageMagick
  • Convert to PDF or PDF/A-1
  • Generate favicons for browser/android/apple/ms
  • Convert to Base64
  • Rotate
  • Overturn vertically/horizontally


  • Rename jpg and tiff files with data content in Exif metadata.
  • (For example: 001.jpg -> 2018-04-27_133741.jpg)
  • Rename jpg and tiff files with file’s data.
  • Set file’s datetime from Exif date.
  • Set file date from file’s name
  • Set Exif datetime from file’s date.
  • Set Exif datetime from file’s name.
  • Add comment
  • View metadata
  • Extract metadata to file
  • Delete comment field
  • Strip Exif section
  • Delete IPTC section
  • Delete XMP section
  • Strip all unnecessary data
  • Add timestamp from Exif


  • Create animated GIF
  • Append to right
  • GrayScale
  • Sepia filter
  • Change transparent to color
  • Add colored border
  • Add transparent border
  • Drop shadow

How to Install ReImage

It’s possible to install ReImage downloading the package in this page.

In Arch Linux, is also possible to install the package via aur:

$ yay -Sy kde-service-menu-reimage

Final Words

ReImage is a great tool for converting and resizing images on the fly using Dolphin/Konqueror, if you are a Kde Plasma user. It unlocks some great features for processing images through some pre-selected options without too many worries.

Obviously, if you want a more consistent and complete tool for processing your images, you just can use a more complete tool like ImageMagick if you prefer to use the command line or Converseen if you prefer a more user friendly GUI application.

Anyway, ReImage is a great tool that I suggest to install on your system since it represents an handy way to resize and convert one or more images with a mouse click when you don’t need to pay too much attention to the more advanced options.

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