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KDE Plasma 5.9.1 – Here is the First Bugfix Release

Francesco Mondello 0

Today, the Kde team announced the first minor release for Kde Plasma 5.9 including various little but important bugfixes and translation updates. Certainly, this first small bugfix release will improve the stability and usability of the desktop environment.

Here is the complete list of updates from the Plasma 5.9.1 Complete Changelog:


  • [KStyle] Don’t draw focus indicator on ComboBox entries.


  • Don’t show the version if there’s no version to show.
  • Don’t sort resources if the delivery is sorted.
  • KNS: Improve how we react to error messages.
  • Use the right name for the method.
  • Also show passive errors on the console.
  • Simplify code.
  • Also expose YaST repository configuration if present.
  • Fix arguments when running .desktop files with runservice.


  • Backporting the fixes from master.
  • Sync the dbus ActivityInfo structure with the framework.

Plasma Addons

  • Check on current comic to be valid.


  • Guard against nullptr-access to the OutputPtr.
  • Apply config change after correcting invalid mode.
  • No use in setting modes on disabled outputs.
  • Correct possibly invalid current mode.
  • Disable unify button when only one output is connected.
  • Increase precision of refresh rate.
  • Move back to runtime connection.


  • Workaround for keys stored with an extra space at the end.
  • Fix several problems in algorithm of deriving key filename from a prompt message supplied by ssh-add.


  • Call performMoveResize when we got a new geoemtry during resize.
  • [autotests] Add test case for resizing window manually.


  • Fix type argument for get property call.
  • Disable logging to kscreen.log by default, re-enable with export KSCREEN_LOGGING=1.
  • Allow changing an output’s modelist at runtime.


  • Fix broken kcfgc files.

Plasma Desktop

  • [Solid Device Actions KCM] Encode action file name.
  • [Task Manager] Enable “Mark applications that play audio” option only if plasma-pa is available.
  • Fix i18n extraction in Kickoff Buttons.
  • Add missing include in sortedactivitiesmodel to fix build with GCC 7.
  • Add missing include in sortedactivitiesmodel to fix build with GCC 7.
  • Fix i18n extraction: xgettext doesn’t recognize single quotes.
  • Use consistent default icon in UserManager and Kicker.
  • Revamp (Activity) Pager wheel handling.
  • [Folder View] Open selection in preferred application instead of running them. See bug #375793
  • [Folder View] show script execution prompt when clicking item.
  • And maybe don’t undo the fix while fixing the fix …
  • Fix startup warning introduced in 3568d8e4.
  • Fix clearing selection when rectangle selection contains no items.
  • Fix Plasmoid.busy visualization in desktop containment.
  • Call correct function and fix warning.
  • Fix crash and loss of favorites model on refresh with pagination on.
  • Make parts of KCM Touchpad interface translatable (Patch by Victor ).
  • Clip by bounding delegate size instead of Item.clip.
  • Fix autotest.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Elide Network Manager KCM tabs.

Plasma Audio Volume Control

  • Always check if context is valid when calling pa functions.

Plasma Workspace

  • [User Switcher] Ungrab keyboard before trying to lock the screen.
  • React to config change.
  • [System Tray Containment] Drop useless Q_INVOKABLE from .cpp file.
  • [System Tray Containment] Ungrab mouse before opening context menu.
  • [AppMenu Applet] Map from scene after mapping from global.
  • Fix memory leak in Appmenu when using compact menu.
  • [Appmenu Applet] Check whether buttonGrid has a window before calling mapToGlobal.
  • [Digital Clock] Take into account timezone label width for applet size.
  • [KRunner] In doubt use primary screen for view position.
  • Drop legacy fixup rule for VirtualBox.
  • Fix isOutputRedundant logic.
  • Fix isOutputRedundant logic.
  • When swapping Wallpapers, save the config to file, not just to propertymap.


  • Set wallpaper type in SDDM config.

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