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Converseen Flatpak now with Heif/Heic, PDF, LibRAW Support

Francesco Mondello 0

Although Converseen has been available as a Flatpak package for a few months now, it finally now has a series of updates that bring it up to par with the corresponding AppImage and Snap packages in terms of features.

The main difficulties in updating the Flatpak package with all the additional ImageMagick libraries necessary for the additional formats to work are mainly due to the fact that each individual library must be compiled individually via source code.

After a few days of work, Converseen is finally able to properly support HEIC/HEIF formats, PDF without the need for additional dependencies, and all camera RAW formats supported by libraw without the need to use third-party and no longer supported tools such as ufraw.

What’s Converseen?

Converseen is an open-source batch image processor for Linux and Windows that allows you to convert, resize, rotate, and flip an infinite number of images with a mouse click.

You can also transform an entire PDF file into a bunch of images with the characteristics you prefer: you can choose one of the 100+ formats, and you can set the size, resolution, and filename.

What’s Flatpak

Flatpak is a software packaging and distribution system for Linux-based operating systems. It provides a way to package applications and their dependencies into a single package that can be installed and run on any Linux distribution, regardless of its specific package management system.

How to Install Converseen using Flatpak

The first thing needed to install Flatpak on your system is following the setup page and selecting your distro.


flatpak install flathub net.fasterland.converseen


flatpak run net.fasterland.converseen

For more information about the Flatpak package, feel free to take a look at the official Flathub page.

Converseen, in addition to being available on Flathub, is also available as AppImage, Snap, and on the repositories of major Linux distributions.

Check the official website for more information:

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